Monthly Archives: July 2016

Dr. Andrei Gudkov Describes New Drug Target for Anti-Aging Therapies

At the 2016 International Cell Senescence Association Conference, Dr. Andrei Gudkov, CSO of Everon, explains why senescent cells may not be the only drug target for anti-aging therapies In the presentation, Dr. Gudkov discusses findings from a study published earlier this month in the journal Aging, which identified a subset of immune cells, which the [...]

Everon Biosciences Introduces New Age-Related Cellular Target That Changes Focus of Antiaging Drug Discovery

BUFFALO, New York, July 6, 2016 -- A research team from Everon Biosciences, Inc. and Roswell Park Cancer Institute has identified a specific subpopulation of immune cells accumulating in old mice that are likely contributors to aging and age-related diseases. Previously, this function had been solely attributed to senescent cells, which have been declared to [...]