At the conference Andrei Gudkov, Everon Biosciences CSO, presented a talk covering a broad range of aging-related discoveries and inventions made by Everon scientists in partnership with Roswell Park Cancer Institute. That talk had to fit in about 20 min – too short to do justice to the material he presented. Several people came to Andrei after the talk and said they would like to understand what he presented better but the talk was to short and too fast. We asked Andrei to repeat his talk without time pressure. Same slide deck – a lot more details and explanations.

This is a long video – approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes instead of 20 min.

Below is the “guide” to this video showing the starting times for particular topics.

Aging, senescent cells – current paradigm 00:00
Frailty Index 12:00
Dormant Senescence Prone Cells (DSPC) 16:00
Where are senescent cells? SAMs 36:30
Mechanism of aging – a new hypothesis 45:05
Search for enhanced senolytic / SAM reprogramming compound 52:40
Further directions 1:05:33